Freelance Whales

Astralark Home Planetarium + Vinyl Bundle


- Astralark Home Planetarium * Projects the stars of an imaginary universe on your ceiling. * Blinks along with the DILUVIA with its built in microphone. * Spin it around for the ultimate light show * Assembly instructions included * Runs on 4x AA batteries. - A vinyl version of Diluvia, including a 4.5" Freelance Whales Diluvia decal - A limited-edition 18x24 Freelance Whales poster, signed by the band - A pristine digital version of Diluvia delivered to your inbox on October 2nd - An immediate digital download of Locked Out, Spitting Image, and a live version of Locked Out. 

This offer contains:

-Land Features
-Follow Through
-Spitting Image
-Locked Out
-Dig Into Waves
-Red Star
-Winter Seeds
-The Nothing
-DNA Bank
-Emergence Exit
-Diluvia Vinyl
-Diluvia Poster
-Astralark Home Planetarium
-Diluvia Pre-Order Immediate Downloads

Audio Format Options:
-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)
-Apple Lossless

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